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Today on Dough Roller, we are talking with Robert Leonard! Robert is an expert investor, entrepreneur, and podcast host! He attended University of Massachusetts where he graduated Cum Laude with a BSBA degree in Finance and Economics along with a MBA degree in Accounting and Finance. Robert then became a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) where he practiced as a financial analyst and corporate finance manager. He is an accounting and finance professional with an immense passion for stock and real estate investing, business, and entrepreneurship, which allowed him to quit his W2 position and begin his own real estate investment business. 

He is currently the host of two podcasts, Millennial Investing and Real Estate 101 which are under The Investor’s Podcast group where he has recently became VP of growth and innovation. Robert is also a founder and managing partner of Piranha Capital, a boutique real estate investment firm. 

In this episode, we talk about Robert’s journey to finance and motocross beginnings. We’ll learn about Robert’s story of his first real estate investment, and how it hooked him into house hacking. We’ll also discuss stock portfolios, bitcoin investment, and rules of thumb for property rental management. If you want to learn more about real estate investing, keep listening!


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00:21- Robert’s Motocross Backstory and Path to Finance

07:14-  What Robert is Doing Now and His Podcasts

09:06- Robert’s First Real Estate Investment and House Hacking

22:49- Robert’s Real Estate Empire Today

25:09- Why Robert’s Properties are Long Distance

35:00- Robert’s Rules of Thumb for Property Rentals

37:22- Managing Properties During COVID

42:00- Robert’s Stock Portfolio and Investment in Bitcoin

53:46- Where to Keep Up With Robert


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