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Today we’re talking with Larry Hagner! Larry is  the founder and CEO of The Dad’s Edge. He is an author, podcast host, and speaker. Larry founded his brand The Good Dad Project, later coined The Dad Edge, in 2015 after he published his book The Dad's Edge: 9 Simple Ways to Have: Unlimited Patience, Improved Relationships, and Positive Lasting Memories. 

He’s also the host of The Dad Edge Podcast where he’s interviewed over 700 experts on all things pertaining to life and fatherhood. And last year in 2020 Larry was chosen as a speaker/educator for the Financial Freedom Movement Summit. 

On today’s episode we chat with Larry about his childhood journey, growing up without a father-figure, and how that led to him creating The Dad’s Edge. We’ll also hear about how COVID-19 changed Larry’s financial priorities and philosophies. 



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00:00 - Introducing Larry Hagner

01:52 - The backstory of The Dad Edge

08:13 - Larry’s backstory and journey to The Dad’s Edge

20:17 - When Larry shifted The Dad’s Edge to full time work

21:26 - The Masterminds community

24:47 - How money growing up affected Larry to today

31:35 - What financial issues cause couples the most problems

34:05 - How Larry landed on his financial philosophies

37:19 - How COVID-19 shifted Larry’s financial priorities

42:01 - Where to keep up with The Dad’s Edge and Larry



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