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Today on the Dough Roller Money Podcast we have Jack Brennan! Jack is a Chairman and served as CEO of The Vanguard Group from 1996-2009. He has steered trillions- literally trillions- of dollars throughout his career, and you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone with better financial astuteness than Jack. Currently, Jack is a director of Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, American Express Company, and Rockefeller Capital Management. He is Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University of Notre Dame, and is a founding trustee of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology. This past year Jack re-released an update to his book More Straight Talk on Investing, which was originally released in 2002.

On this episode Jack shares his journey workin with Vanguard for over a decade and how he has seen the company change over the years. He gives his insight on topics like stocks vs. bonds, rebalancing taxable accounts, and cryptocurrency. Jack has recently re-released an update to his book More Straight Talk on Investing, which was originally released in 2002.



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00:00 - Introduction to Jack Brennan

00:31 - Jack gives his response to all the criticism that has been directed at Vanguard over the years

04:51 - Jack gives his advice for those wondering how they should position their portfolios for the recent inflation

12:50 - Jack gives his opinion of the phrase “stock out perform bonds”

14:47 - Jack explains why he doesn’t practice the 4% rule

16:20 - Jack gives his take on international stocks

18:39 - Jack gives his opinion on the argument for not rebalancing in a taxable account

21:21 - He talk about Vanguard not being involved with cryptocurrency 

23:30 - He then give his advice and opinion on the cryptocurrency 

25:23 - Jack gives his insights into what he thinks are the biggest risks today for the long term investor in the United States?

30:29 - Jack dives in to his book and why he re-released it

34:00 - Where to keep up with Jack and his work

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