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Today on The Dough Roller Money Podcast we are talking with Tom Corley! Tom is the author of the best-selling book Rich Habits, is a frequent speaker and contributor to CNBC, and has shared his insights on over 1,000 radio shows including The Dave Ramsey Show, WABC, WCCO, KOA, KDKA, and KKOB.

Tom is a CPA, CFP, holds a Master's Degree in Taxation, and is also President of Cerefice and Company, CPAs, one of the top financial firms in New Jersey.

In this episode Tom shares how he stepped into the work of financial planning and tax work, helping others achieve financial independence. The also shares more about this book Rich Habits and his insight into cultivating the right habits and mindset to achieve success!

If you want to learn how to start your Rich Habits journey, listen now! 



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00:00 - Introduction to Tom Corley

01:00 - Tom explains how he originally got into the world of financial planning and tax work

07:08 - What some of the key habits that Tom has identified to becoming successful

13:30 - What Tom has identified as a common trait for becoming successful

23:43 - Tom shares about some of the bigger concerns people have when coming to Tom for financial advice

28:50 - Tom shares his insights into stock portfolios 

33:29 - Tom and Rob talk about the struggle of financial planning

37:22 - Tom gives his advice and insight on annuities

39:09 - Where you can follow Tom and purchase his book

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