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Today on Dough Roller, we are talking with George Kamel! George is a Ramsey Personality and Personal Finance Expert, host of The Fine Print podcast and cohost of the EntreLeadership podcast. He has previously hosted The Ramsey Show video channel, Ramsey live events, Borrowed Future podcast, and Foundations in Personal Finance High School Curriculum. He has been a staple of the Ramsey team personalities, and has been working on their team since 2013.

 George is a huge proponent of helping people make the most of their money, to make the most of their life through all sorts of different channels. Recently, he spearheaded the release of Ramsey Solutions first documentary, Borrowed Future: How Student Loans Are Killing the American Dream. The documentary is based off the eight episode podcast he hosted back in 2019 and he is a producer on the film.

In this episode, we talk about how George became involved with the Dave Ramsey team, and how he used the Ramsey methods to become debt-free. We also discuss George’s podcasting ventures and the release of his new documentary, Borrowed Future. George also tells us about finance trends we should be weary of, his take on credit-cards and their rewards programs, and how the student loan crisis is taking over people’s lives. If you’re looking for clear-cut ways to get on the path to being debt free, keep listening!


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00:29-George’s Backstory and How He Got Involved With Dave Ramsey

02:09- How George Follows the Ramsey Method to Become Debt Free

04:49- George’s Podcasts

06:43- Finance Trends to Be Weary Of

08:01- George’s Opinion on Bitcoin

10:21-George’s Take on Credit Card and Rewards

14:17- Student Loans and George’s Documentary

24:50- How Policy Can Effect Change for Student Loans

30:28- How George Paid of $40,000 of Debt

35:12- How to Bulletproof Our Finances


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