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Today on Dough Roller, we are talking with Bola Sokunbi! Bola is a best-selling author and the founder and CEO of Clever Girl Finance. 

In this episode, we talk about Bola’s inspiring backstory and where she got her inspiration to start her own businesses. We’ll also talk about the wage disparity and financial hurdles women and people of colour face when trying to build their wealth. This interview will leave you feeling inspired and ready to take action, so keep on listening!

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00:00 - Introducing Bola Sokunbi

00:52 - Bola’s Inspiration and Backstory

06:28 - Why Bola Started Heavily Saving in College

09:49 - Bola’s First Side Hustle

15:26 - The Beginning of Clever Girl Finance

20:33 - Bola’s Decision to Make Her Courses Free

25:20 - The Financial Challenges Women Face

36:10 - Building Wealth as a Woman in Other Countries

39:40 - What’s Next for Bola

42:06 - How to Keep Up With Bola



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