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Today on Dough Roller, we are talking with Steve and Courtney Adcock! Steve and Courtney both retired from their full time jobs in their mid-30s, with nearly $1 million in the bank. Today, they live an “off the grid” lifestyle, and for the first few years of retirement traveled the country in an airstream! They run a popular finance blog detailing their savings methods and other finance advice, and have been featured in publications like MarketWatch, Forbes, Business Insider, CNBC, and Vice.


Today Steve and Courtney tell us their stories of achieving retirement so young, and what their asset allocation looks like because of that. We’ll also hear how they manage healthcare, scarcity mindset, and how 2020 affected their financial plans.  


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00:28- All About Steve and Courtney

03:46- What Inspired Steve and Courtney to Start Saving for Retirement

10:03- How Long it Took Steve and Courtney to Save

15:15- Steve and Courtney’s Asset Allocation

20:35- The LEANFire Discussion for Steve and Courtney

26:07- How Steve and Courtney Manage Healthcare

28:05- How a Childhood Bankruptcy Affected Courtney

30:46- 2020 and What’s Next For Steve and Courtney

38:57- Where to Keep Up with Steve and Courtney


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