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Today on Dough Roller, we are talking with Peter Mallouk! Peter is the President and CEO of Creative Planning. Creative Planning is a Registered Investment Advisory firm that manages over $100 billion dollars in assets and serves clients in all 50 states. Both Creative Planning and Peter have been recognized as industry leaders by organizations such as Barron’s, Financial Times and CNBC. RIA Channel, published by Forbes, recently ranked Creative planning as the #1 Wealth Manager for 2020.*

Along with Creative Planning, Peter also provides financial education to those who have been underserved by the financial service industry. He and his wife have received awards such as the Giving the Basics Human Dignity award and Variety Presidential Citation award. He has also founded a non-profit dedicated to providing under-resourced communities with actionable financial education.

Today we talk with Peter about his thoughts on our current inflation in the market, and his thoughts on cryptocurrency stocks. We’ll also hear all about what Creative Planning does. If you want to hear some hard truths about financial planning, keep listening!


* See Creative Planning’s website at for important award disclosure information.

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