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The four letter word of personal finance is debt.  Most of us have it; none of us wants it.  I’ve written a lot about how to get out of debt.  Today I’m excited to have Liz Weston, author of Deal With Your Debt, on the podcast. We cover a lot of questions about debt, credit, […]

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I recently started collecting coins. I only have a handful right now: mainly Morgan silver dollars. I tend to just pay $40 or $50 for a nice coin, and I don’t have a particularly valuable collection. I just enjoy collecting them. One of my coins is a Morgan silver dollar from 1878. It’s an S […]

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What do retirement planning professionals from Vanguard have to say about retirement topics like the 4% rule? In today’s podcast I interview two investment analysts at Vanguard with over 35 years of combined experience – Maria Bruno, CFP and Colleen Jaconetti, CFP. We talk about everything from the 4% rule to portfolio balancing issues to […]

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New investors face unique obstacles. There’s the learning curve. Clear that and there’s still the hurdle of having little money to invest (although there are easy solutions to that one). And then there’s the question of executing an asset allocation plan when you have little capital. That’s the question a reader named Daniel recently asked: […]

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A reader named Kathleen recently emailed me with a lesson she learned with balance transfer credit cards: Hi Rob, I just rolled over one of my credit cards to another at 0%, which has been very successful for me at paying off credit card debt. But I realized in retrospect that I did not do […]

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I encountered a big problem when I first started investing. Maybe you’ve encountered it, too. I would read a lot of books on investing. Two of my favorites are Rick Ferri’s All About Asset Allocation and William Bernstein’s The Four Pillars of Investing. These books cover asset allocation, and in All About Asset Allocation, describe […]

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The formula thet generates a FICO credit score is made up of several components. Some of these components you would expect to see, such as paying your bills on time. But there is one component that takes a lot of people by surprise: credit inquires. A credit inquiry is a record of every time somebody […]

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