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A reader named Aaron sent me an email recently asking about gold and silver. He wanted to know if they should be a part of a diversified portfolio. He writes: Hi, Rob. I enjoy reading your tips, and I’ve put a lot of them in place for our retirement savings. My question is: what is […]

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In the most recent State of the Union Address, President Obama unveiled the myRA – My Retirement Account. Another retirement savings option? Yes. In addition to 401k, 403b, IRA, Roth IRA and a host of other types of retirement accounts, later this year we can add the myRA to the list. In this article we’ll […]

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How can you budget like a Zen master without tracking every dime you spend? How do you budget for those oddball expenses that pop up from time to time? As someone who goes in budgeting spurts, I’ve learned the hard way how to make our budget work. Recently, this has been at the forefront of […]

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A great success story can be very motivating. And that’s exactly what Beverly Harzog brings us in today’s podcast. Beverly describes how she sunk into $20,000 of credit card debt, maxing out all seven of her cards. But her story doesn’t stop there. She then shares with us how she climbed out of the debt […]

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A number of new ways to make investing easier have launched over the past few years. One is Motif Investing, which I reviewed some time ago. It’s a fascinating way to approach investing, combining low costs and tremendous flexibility. It such a unique option that I invited Motif’s Vice President of Investment Products, Tuhin Ghosh, […]

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Recently, a reader named John wrote in asking about leasing vs. buying a car. Here is John’s question: I was wondering what your input is in regard to buying vehicles? For example, I’m in the process right now of selling a vehicle for a good buck. Would you suggest reinvesting this money in a used […]

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In the last podcast, we talked about why rebalancing your investment portfolio is important and how to create a rebalancing plan. Today we are going to walk through step-by-step how to actually rebalance your retirement and other investments. As we discussed in the last podcast, you can rebalance your assets based on frequency, threshold, or […]

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Rebalancing your investment portfolio is an important part of managing your money. Having carefully selected your asset allocation, rebalancing ensures that your investments stay in line with the allocation you’ve chosen. In this article (and podcast) we cover creating a rebalancing plan. We’ll cover topics such as how often to rebalance (frequency) and what to […]

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Are you ready to retire? Have you done all of the things you should have in the few years leading up to retirement? These are the questions our guest today has answered in her comprehensive book on retirement readiness, The Five Years Before You Retire. I had the pleasure of interviewing author Emily Birken to […]

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In the 31-Day Money Challenge, we covered the basics of asset allocation. Today we are going to focus more specifically on how much to invest in stocks and how much in bonds. The stock/bond allocation is the most important piece of asset allocation. The question of stocks vs. bonds is much more important than the […]

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