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I‘ve always been suspicious of dollar-cost averaging. With DCA, rather than investing the cash you have all at once, you invest chunks of it over time. For example, you might invest $12,000 over the course of a year, $1,000 each month. In contrast, with lump sum investing, you’d put the full $12,000 to work right […]

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Several years ago I met Betterment’s founder and CEO, Jon Stein. At the time, Betterment was just getting started, and we had a chance to talk about what Betterment offered investors. Since then Betterment has grown significantly, with over $500 million under management. To find out what is new and to learn more about Betterment, […]

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Dave Ramsey may have helped you climb out of debt, but should you now follow his investing advice? His views on investing have come under fire lately. From his claim that stocks return 12% annually to his love of growth mutual funds, professional advisors have not been shy about their criticism. (Save Like Dave Ramsey. […]

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How can the numbers 50, 20, and 30 help you manage your finances? Today, we’re going to talk about the 50-20-30 rule of budgeting. A company called LearnVest popularized this rule of budgeting recently, but it’s been around long before them. I’ve seen many financial experts write about it, as well. The bottom line is […]

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We’ve been getting lots of reader questions recently on student loans – what to do with them, how to pay them off, and whether or not to consolidate them. Luckily, I was recently contacted by a relatively new company, SoFi. This company specializes in consolidating and refinancing student loans, and it could offer a great […]

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What happens to your Facebook account if you die? And would your relatives be able to access your online bank accounts, should the worst happen? What tools can you use to manage all the login credentials for these online accounts so that you can easily get them to the right people at the right time? […]

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What can we learn from a man who has blogged about personal finances for over 8 years? Quite a lot as it turns out. JD Roth has much to say on how to make better financial choices, and about what personal development has to do with personal finance. Topics Covered in the Interview How JD […]

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I recently read an article by John Bogle, the founder of Vanguard. The article, The Arithmetic of “All-In” Investment Expenses, is a very detailed piece about investing costs over and above what’s reflected in the expense ratio of a fund or ETF. There are four “hidden” mutual fund fees that aren’t captured in the expense […]

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I‘ve received several emails recently about the topic of hiring an investment advisor. This is a very important question, and I suspect many wrestleg with this issue. Whether you’re just starting out and trying to figure out how to invest, or you’re nearing retirement with a decent nest egg, you may be thinking about this […]

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Why does the excitement of a pay raise wear off in just a few months? Why does the “shine” of your new gadget or gorgeous new home wear off so quickly? The answer is hedonic adaptation. Some people also call it the hedonic treadmill. It sounds philosophical, but it’s really relevant to how we make […]

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What are dividends, buybacks, and stock splits? Are they good or bad for investors. These things have a big impact on investors, but many investors don’t really understand them. So we’re going to talk about what these three things are in the context of a popular, well-known company – Apple. Recently, Apple announced its second […]

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Is renting or buying a home better? How do you determine which is right for you? Is there a basic rule of thumb you can use to make this decision? A reader named Joe recently wrote in asking if it’s better for him to rent or buy. This is a timely question, and it’s one […]

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