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The first so called Robo Advisor I recall is Betterment. Several years ago I met its founder, Jon Stein, and recently interviewed him for the podcast. Since then I’ve used or evaluated Motif Investing, Acorns, Wealth Front, Future Advisors, and JemStep. I’ve also used extensively the free Financial Dashboard offered by Personal Capital. It was […]

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One of the biggest surprises for me as a blogger was the retirement plan options available to a small business owner. While a 401k maximum contribution is $17,500 (as of 2014) and an IRA is $5,500 (as of 2014), as a small business owner I can sock away more than $50,000 a year. It almost […]

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The many ways to save money are limited only by our imagination. That’s why I asked the readers of the Dough Roller Newsletter their #1 money saving tip. In past weeks they have given some great replies to other questions: What is your favorite book about money? Where do you keep your emergency fund? What […]

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I‘ve struggled with productivity for years. Give me a deadline and I can work like a rented mule. Leave me to my own devices, however, and I’m as productive as carefree summer day at the beach. This really came to light for me when I started working from home. With no supervisors and few hard […]

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With a son and daughter now grown, I often wonder how well I prepared them to handle finances. While they are both now in their early 20’s, the truth is that their financial education is far from over. I continue to work with them on everything from budgeting to investing. And that’s why Rob Pivnick’s […]

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Robo-advisors are all the rage today. These online tools help automate investing, from picking an asset allocation plan to buying the mutual funds or ETFs to rebalancing. What they don’t do, however, is help us with broader financial planning tasks. Enter iQuantifi. Founded by Tom White, a former financial planner and investment advisor, iQuantifi is […]

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In last week’s newsletter I asked the following question: What is your favorite book about money. Some of the responses listed popular books. Some mentioned books that were new to me. Each of the books offers some real insight into personal finance and investing. Arguably the best thing we can do to improve our finances […]

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It was bound to happen sooner or later. It started with an innocent email from a listener of the Dough Roller Money Podcast. They asked if I would dedicate a show to talking about . . . me. For better or worse, they wanted to know about the guy behind the mic. Do that triggered […]

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Where do people stash their cash for emergencies? That’s the question I asked more than 18,000 subscribers to the weekly Dough Roller newsletter. The common wisdom is to keep emergency funds in an FDIC insured bank account, preferably one that pays a high yield. But with interest rates at historic lows, are people taking on […]

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I met Joshua Sheats earlier this year at a blogger conference. In the span of 30 minutes we talked about everything from budgeting to investing to careers to podcasting. A certified financial planner, among other things, Joshua spent many years in the business. Recently, he hung up his calculator and started a podcast full time […]

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A lot has been written about good debt vs bad debt. As the names suggest, the idea is to avoid bad debt and embrace, at least to a point, good debt. But what do these terms really mean, and how can they help us make sound financial decisions? Like so many financial rules of thumbs, […]

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Imagine you’ve worked hard and saved for retirement. You have assets in taxable accounts, traditional retirement accounts, and Roth retirement accounts. When you retire, which accounts should you withdraw from first? That’s the question I posed to Stuart Ritter of T. Rowe Price. In the interview that follows, Stuart does a great job of discussing […]

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