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It’s instructive and even inspiring to look back over the last year to see how you’ve lived. Reflecting on the good times and bad help us learn, grow and improve. So I was grateful to receive this email from a reader named Neil: Are you going to do a Best of 2014 show? I know […]

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The 3% mortgage is back. After years of turmoil in the housing market and recriminations on whose to blame, the low down payment mortgage has surfaced again. The 3% mortgage will mean more flexibility for homebuyers, and in some cases, for those looking to refinance as well. Until now, borrowers had a choice between conventional […]

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Wealthfront is the largest and fastest growing automated investment service, with over $1.6 billion under management. And it all happened in just three years! I had a chance to interview Wealthfront CEO, Adam Nash. He shares his insights on the platform, and on investing in general. His educational background is in software and design, but […]

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When people talk about early retirement, they often mean at 50 or 55 – and sometimes as early as 45. But today’s podcast interview is with Todd Tresidder, a fascinating guy who managed to get out of the rat race at 35. I interviewed Todd about his life before retirement, what he’s been doing since, […]

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As robo advisers grow in assets under management, more people are beginning to ask if using one is the right strategy. My last podcast on robo-advisors brought this email from a reader named Steve: The other timely podcast was the robo-advisor one. I’m in the process of helping my mom move her accounts from Morgan […]

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Imagine going to college while raising a young child. Imaging graduating from school with more than $200,000 in student loans. Imagine starting a new career as a single mom raising three children. Imagine tackling more than $15,000 in credit card debt. I give you Christa Miller. In today’s podcast she shares her story. We talk […]

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Since starting my small business in 2007, I’ve used a business card for several reasons. My business credit card easily separates personal expenses and business expenses. I use GoDaddy’s online bookkeeping tool. It automatically imports all the charges from my business credit card, so these expenses are exceptionally easy to track. This makes preparing annual […]

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Email is a real pain. Most of us have multiple email accounts. The inbox can easily pile up with junk, often resulting in important email getting lost or forgotten. For many, inbox zero is nothing but a pipe dream. This hit home for me recently.  I have four primary email accounts that I monitor.  One […]

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