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In this podcast, we look at how you can increase your returns without increasing the overall risk to your portfolio. I call it the asset class swap, and it’s incredibly easy to do. Here’s how it works. From time to time an asset class becomes significantly overvalued or undervalued. This happened last year with REITs. […]

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A reader named Jen recently sent me an email about 401k retirement accounts. James Altucher, a former hedge fund manager, had posted a video on Business Insider on why you shouldn’t invest in a 401k. When I first saw the video, I thought it was a parody. I didn’t realize he was being serious! Here’s […]

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My brother and I were playing chess they other day. He had a winning move that we both missed. After the game we found it, and why we both missed is the inspiration for this article. The move we missed involved moving his Rook next to my King. My King would have been in check, […]

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