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We talk about 2016, a BHAG for 2017, net worth updates, your most frequently asked questions, and what to look forward to in 2017.

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One percent doesn't seem like much. But pay an investment advisor 1% a year and it could easily cost your more than $1 million over a lifetime of investing. In this podcast, we look at why investment fees matter.

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We respond to a listener's question about credit card debt. She wants to know if it makes sense to take out a personal loan to pay off four credit cards. We talk about why it can be a good move, but also a significant risk.

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A listener named Steve is making some important investment decisions in his 401k. While we can't give him any specific advice, we use his choices to talk about common issues facing all retirement investors.

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We look at credit card merchant category codes and how they affect cash back rewards. We also talk about 4 cash back card strategies.

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Health Savings Accounts offer a tax advantaged way to pay for medical expenses. They only apply with high deductible health insurance plans. But if you have one, they can be used for everything from emergencies to retirement. We explain how in this episode.

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