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We answer listener questions about investing, retirement and credit cards.

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Today we interview Wayne Weber, founder of The company makes it easy to give the gift of education by contributing to a loved one's 529 plan.

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Today we talk with Jeanne Fisher, CFP of ARGI to discuss Roth vs. Traditional Retirement Accounts

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We look at defined benefit plans for small businesses.

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We look at why you likely have more tan 30 different credit scores, and what they all mean.

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We look at the latest proposal to reform individual and corporate taxes.

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We interview JW of The Green Swan to talk about his journey toward financial independence and early retirement.

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We cover 0% balance transfer cards, including how they work, balance transfer fees, and how to use them effectively.

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We discuss no penalty CDs and how they can be a great place to keep your emergency fund.

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Today we talk with Paul Merriman about how to stick to an investing plan during a bear market.

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Today we cover 6 critical steps when applying for a job.

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Today we answer listener questions on target date retirement funds, the stock market, transferring investments, credit cards, and cash reserves.

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Today we answer questions from our Facebook Group. We cover compound interest, lending money to friends and family and how to calculate how much you need to retire.

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I review my experiences with two very different investment advisors. We'll discuss their fees, the issues they addressed, and recommendations they made for my finances and investments.

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Today we talk with famed value investor, Guy Spier. The author of The Education of a Value Investor, Guy shares with us some of his investment approach that has enabled him to beat the S&P 500 for two decades.

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Today with interview JL Collins, author of The Simple Path to Wealth. We talk about everything from investing to careers to financial freedom.

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Rebecca Moffett and Ann Gill join us from Vanguard Charitable. We talk about charitable giving, how to evaluate charities, and donor advised funds.

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With the Fiduciary Rule about to go into effect, we look at how fee-only advisors can hurt an investor.

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We answer your questions, including whether the market is to rich for new investments, asset location, and short term investment goals.

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Today we discuss why the stock market is a dangerous way to invest for short term goals. Instead, we give you four other options.

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Here's my take on Paul Merriman's Ultimate Buy and Hold Strategy. We also answer three listener questions

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Today we have Paul Merriman on the show to discuss his ultimate buy and hold strategy.

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Today we interview Blooom co-founder, Chris Costello. We talk about 401k investing and the state of the financial industry.

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Trump just released his plan for individual and corporate tax reform. Here are the details.

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Today we interview Mark Zoril, who offers financial planning for just $96 a year.

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Today we look at adoption, Tesla's valuation, index fund investing, budgeting with quicken, Roth 403b accounts, and more.

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We talk about taking responsibility for our finances, the best budgeting apps, mortgages, real estate, and forming an LLC

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We interview Chris White, author of Working with the Emotional Investor, Financial Psychology for Wealth Managers

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Today we look at EE Savings Bonds and how to deal with the minimum investment requirement of mutual funds.

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Today we talk about childhood money stories that affect how we handle money as adults, EE Bonds, asset allocation, and of course chess.

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We interview certified financial planner Jeanne Fisher about asset and wealth management, including fees

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Today we cover more healthcare, investment expenses, Schwab index funds, Motif Investing, investment returns, and what makes us happy.

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Today we cover health care, COBRA benefits, commodities, tracking investments, and setting financial priorities.

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We discuss health care, savings account rates, American Funds, retirement accounts, multiple streams of income, and hiring a CPA.

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Today we answer your investing questions, including the relevance of past performance and backdoor Roths.

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We evaluate Snap's recent IPO to determine whether it's a good investment.

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We answer your questions ranging from bad 401k options to paying off a mortgage early.

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Today we look at 401k and 403b fees, and I share a mistake I made and how I'm going to correct it.

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Today we answer your questions about everything from moving investment accounts to modified insurance policies.

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Today we talk about the rise of robots, passive investing, and acorns (a FinTech investment service)

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Today we answer some great questions by podcast listeners about investing. We cover RMD, asset allocation, asset location, free brokers, the fiduciary rule and a whole lot more.

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In the final installment in our series of How to Build Wealth on Any Income we look at bond investing.

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In our series on How to Build Wealth on Any Income, today we look at investing in REITs and commodity funds.

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In our series on How to Build Wealth on Any Income, today we look at the benefits of investing in foreign stocks.

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In our series on how to build wealth on any income, today we look at tiling an investment portfolio toward value funds

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In our series on How to Build Wealth on Any Income, we look at how to leverage small companies in an investment portfolio.

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In our continuing series on How to Build Wealth on Any Income, today we start a deep dive into asset allocation and how to build a solid investment plan.

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In our series on How to Build Wealth on Any Income, today we look at what drives stock prices. So often investors see the market as a game, at best. The reality is that behind every stock mutual fund or ETF are real live businesses working to earn a profit. And it's ultimately profits that drive the direction of stock prices.

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In our series on How to Build Wealth on Any Income, we look at the 7 things that affect investment returns.

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We look at the importance of investment returns for generating wealth, and how even small differences in returns can have a huge difference on your wealth.

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In our continuing series on How to Build Wealth on Any Income, we look at time, and the importance of investing as early as possible.

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We cover six ideas on how to spend less than you make, including the value of life experiments and the spending audit.

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Continuing our series on how to build wealth on any income, today we look at the important question of how much should you save.

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Today in our series on how to build wealth on any income, we answer your questions on everything from 401ks to future stock market returns

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Continuing our series on how to build wealth on any income, today we explore the incredible power of small amounts of money if invested over time.

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Continuing our series on how to build wealth on any income, we look at the power of compounding.

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In part one of our series on how to build wealth on any income, we look at the importance of the net worth statement. We explore how our monthly budget affects our net worth, and the importance of compounding.

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