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We interview certified financial planner Jeanne Fisher about asset and wealth management, including fees

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Today we cover more healthcare, investment expenses, Schwab index funds, Motif Investing, investment returns, and what makes us happy.

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Today we cover health care, COBRA benefits, commodities, tracking investments, and setting financial priorities.

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We discuss health care, savings account rates, American Funds, retirement accounts, multiple streams of income, and hiring a CPA.

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Today we answer your investing questions, including the relevance of past performance and backdoor Roths.

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We evaluate Snap's recent IPO to determine whether it's a good investment.

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We answer your questions ranging from bad 401k options to paying off a mortgage early.

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Today we look at 401k and 403b fees, and I share a mistake I made and how I'm going to correct it.

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Today we answer your questions about everything from moving investment accounts to modified insurance policies.

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