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In this episode, Rob discussed a couple of financial tools he finds useful that can help you with budgeting, retirement planning, and much much more. One of the tools you might be familiar with, the other maybe not. As always, he hopes this episode will help you in your quest for financial freedom.

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The markets declined recently. We all lost money, on paper. We all started to worry. and we questioned everything. In this episode, Rob talks about the psychology of facing a downturn in the stock market.

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In this episode, Rob asks what's more important within the FIRE movement - the FI (Financial Independence) or the RE (Retiring Early). He also discusses the future of the movement in the face of the next bear market.

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When it comes to money, things can become very confusing. This confusion can lead to stress, which leads to poor spending habits. In this episode, Rob tells us his four simple strategies to simplify the financial world in order to be successful with money in the long-term.

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Rob teaches us how to manage an emergency fund after reading a discussion on the topic on the Dough Roller Facebook group. He tells us what he does with his own emergency fund, and give us some insight into the best alternatives that might be right for others.

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In this episode, Rob tackles some questions from the Dough Rollers Facebook group. The common theme: should you pay off debt first and save or invest later? More Here

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Today we look at the binder I put together to help explain our finances to my wife and children should I get hit by a truck.

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We examine the 7 levels of financial freedom.

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Today we cover Warren Buffett's letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders and answer 3 lister emails.

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Today we answer a listener's question about how to invest a $1.5 million inheritance for somebody in their 20's.

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We look at 10 steps every recent college graduate should take to master their money

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Today we answer questions from our Facebook group, including the best books of 2017

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