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Debt sucks--true or false? You may be surprised to hear our answer to this first quiz question and you may find yourself pleasantly surprised at how fun a quiz could be. You'll likely take away valuable information and maybe even change your perspective on debt.

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Investment advice is everywhere. Some advice you'll find for free but if you're looking for professional advice, tailored to your financial situation and goals, you may have to pay for it. Is it worth investing in? We talk to Vanguard's Steve Utkus about assessing the value of advice.

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Think Retiring Early is Just for the Wealthy? Think Again. Chris Mamula, author of Choose FI, achieved financial independence at a young age with a middle class salary. Here's his story.

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Stay calm and don't run from a bear. The same holds true in a bear market. In fact, the next serious market crash could be the best thing to happen to your investment portfolio.

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In this episode we're going to talk about the simple math behind the FIRE movement (Financial Independence, Retire Early). How do you even start to think about how much money you'll need when you're ready to retire? The good thing is, it's easier to figure out than you might think. Plus, Rob talks about his new book, which is now available on pre-order.

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In this episode, Rob discusses the process of buying a home (he just bought one!) But how should he (and you) keep track of important documents? Rob created a shared spreadsheet that you can use to keep track of everything important related to his home.

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In this episode, Rob gets theoretical: How much control do we actually have over our financial situation? Rob tackles the issue, and dives into the Latte Factor - the idea that if you stop buying your cup of coffee at Starbucks you'll end up with a million dollars in 40 years. Is that true, or does it rest on unrealistic assumptions?

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In this episode, Rob talks about his plan to generate a million dollars in wealth through cash back rewards. He tries to strike a balance between maximizing cash rewards while maintaining simplicity by using just one credit card.

He walks us through which cards he's using, discusses Ebates, and shares his wisdom on earning cash back.

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In this episode, Rob talks about investment fees and whether they really matter. Are fees important, or are the returns what we should be focusing on? Rob also takes a detour to discuss the Secure Act - a piece of legislation that would make changes to retirement accounts. Find out how it would affect you if it passes.

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In this podcast, Rob takes a deep dive into what you get when you pay high advisory fees. He compares the Fidelity Freedom 2050 target retirement fund with the similar Vanguard 2050 retirement fund. He ends off with three questions to ask yourself before you leave an expensive managed investment fund:

  • Is my advisor’s strategy truly adding value to my portfolio?
  • Am I comfortable having all my money in just three or four funds? 
  • How will I handle it when my portfolio underperforms? 
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In this episode, Rob talks about Health Savings Accounts. He calls them "one of the best tax-advantaged accounts" you could have - he tells us why he has one and why you should too. Oh, and if you want to watch it on Youtube, the the podcast has a video new format - check it out!

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In this episode, Rob discusses Balance Transfer Credit Cards. What are they, what aren't they. How to use them, how not to use them. Trick, traps. And everything else you should think about when you consider applying for a balance transfer credit card. He also answers some listener questions about the latest Flywheel episode and more.

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In this episode, Rob answers listener questions about REIT funds and the Smart Beta. He also discusses the Flywheel, which describes investing as difficult to get started but easy thereafter. It’s a fun episode - enjoy!

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In this episode Rob discusses four questions from readers focusing on investing for retirement. Oh, and his book is hitting the shelves soon - be sure to check it out!

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In this episode, Rob discusses The Progress Principle, coined by Teresa Amabile and Steven Kramer, and gives advice on how to apply it to your financial life. From tracking your net worth to using the debt snowball to rid yourself of debt, Rob gives you the tools you need to progress in your financial life.

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In this episode, Rob dives deep into best practices for asset allocation. Hint: There's no one right answer - everyone will have a strategy that works best for their own personal needs. But use the tools Rob gives you to figure out your own stocks vs. bonds allocation.

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