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Rob discusses two basic approaches to rebalance your portfolio. The easiest approach is time-based and the second approach is market-based. Whichever approach you choose, you want to take emotions out of the equation. Remember, a good rebalancing approach is good enough.

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Most people thinking about saving for retirement, but what about spending? How do you figure out how much you should spend in retirement? While there isn't a magic number, there is a withdrawal rate that historically, should help your portfolio last a good 50 years.

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In this episode, Rob responds to a question from a listener: "Can you explain why small cap value might not be the best bet." Rob breaks down small cap vs. large cap stocks and value vs. growth. Which is better for your portfolio? Does it matter? You may be surprised at the answer. Here's what you need to know about small caps and how they can impact your portfolio.

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Is there a formula for creating a perfect portfolio? In this episode, Rob answer's some listener questions and tells us what's important for building a sound asset allocation plan.

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In podcast episode 337, Rob gives us an overview of where things stand with a possible second stimulus package. Find out Rob's predictions on what could be included in another stimulus deal and when we could expect it to happen.

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Rob answers more questions from viewers in episode 336. Today he discusses where you should put your emergency fund, savings account and bond fund and talks about what on earth’s happening with interest rates.

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Rob alluded to the bucket strategy in the last podcast (333) so we recommend you listen to that first and follow up with this to discover a practical strategy for managing your investments in retirement, which will help you avoid selling stocks during a bear market.

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In this week’s podcast, Rob discusses something a little different - it isn’t directly about money but it will help you to grow your knowledge base in the spheres of investing and personal finance. Listen on for some top reading recommendations, Rob’s note-taking method and a couple of learning hacks.

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In today’s podcast, Rob brings you up to speed on his own investments and portfolio during Covid-19 and discusses what retirement really means to him – and why it’s harder to stay retired than he thought! He hasn’t made any changes *because* of covid-19 but he does want to fill you in on the changes he’s made during this time.

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Dividend investing can be a solid way to earn income from your investments, but there are risks associated with it too. Here's what to know first.

COVID-19 is impacting almost every aspect of our lives. Investors now wonder, does the 4% Rule still apply or is it null and void in this economic climate?

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It’s not surprising if you are worried about how COVID-19 will affect your investments. Here's how investors can take control in this unprecedented time.

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What are the common links between driving a car and automating your finances? Here's a hint, both can propel you forward. Take a listen to get your finances in gear.

In podcast 327, we address misinformation and assumptions about the 4 percent rule to give you a better understanding of how it works.

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Talking to your parents about money can be awkward, but it shouldn't be. Having this conversation earlier in life can save you and your parents from legal battles and other turmoil. In this episode, we'll discuss these issues with Cameron Huddleston, author of Mom and Dad, We Need to Talk. 

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Rob starts podcast 325 with a new guest and a different format. Here he answers listeners’ questions with Cortlon Cofield, a CPA and personal financial specialist who runs Cofield Advisors, a financial planning firm that provides advice for millennial entrepreneurs.

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In this episode, Rob discusses listeners’ debt problems, advising that if you’re able to pay off your debts in full, you should – not only for ethical reasons but also to protect your credit score!

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