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Today on the Dough Roller Money Podcast we are talking to Ish Verduzco! He’s the author of How Successful People Get Ish Done, and the host of the Getting Ish Done podcast. 

In his early-to-mid 20s Ish became interested in personal development and started writing and researching his first book How Successful People Get Ish Done. With the creation and rise of NFT’s in the last 2 years, Ish is currently in the process of creating an NFT playbook for those who want to start investing with NFTs. This year, Ish was named one of Hispanic Executive’s 30 under 30 for 2021, and he gave the 2020 commencement speech at his alma mater, UC Merced. He currently hosts the podcast Getting Ish Done, and is only going up from there!

In this episode Rob and Ish talk about the world of investing and NFTs. Ish shares how he began his journey in NTFs and how he has approached this space so far. He tells us his opinion on how he thinks crypto and NFTs can be used in the future and what we can expect from it’s evolution. We are also able to get a glimpse into how he created his book and how making it into an NFTs is revolutionary. 

If you want an insider’s look into the world of NFTs this episode is for you! 



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00:00 - Introduction to Ish Verduzco

01:43 - Ish talks about his background and an overview of his career

05:13 - He share about his framework and how it’s worked for him overtime

08:38 - Ish’s advice on how to tackle his framework

11:57 - He shares about his approach to investing and how he got started

14:58 - He explains how he has invested his 401K

15:53 - What Ish’s crypto and NFT portfolio currently looks like

16:47 - In his on words Ish explains what an NFT is and his approach to the space
18:38 - Ish breaks down how his book is also an NFT and why this is so special

25:39 - He shares about the NFTs he has purchased as investments and how he estimates their value

31:15 - How he goes to purchase NFTs and where he likes to keep them once purchased

33:23 - Ish shares his view on the longevity of NFTs and what can NFTs actually solve for us

41:04 - How Ish thinks the future will look like if decentralized finance becomes the norm

44:57 - Ish share where he invests his crypto and his reasoning behind it

47:55 - How Ish thinks crypto and NFTs will perform in the future when the economy run out of money

49:58 - Where to follow Ish and all of his endeavors 

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