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Today on The Dough Roller Money Podcast, we have Joseph Hogue!

Joseph is the founder of Let’s Talk Money, a wildly popular Youtube channel on finance, and is the author of 11 books about finance. Some of the titles include Step By Step Dividend Investing, Make Money Blogging, The Passive Income Myth, Crushing Youtube, and Self-Publishing for Passive Income.  And all 11 of his books he self-published.

In this episode, Joseph jumps straight into giving a firsthand look into creating passive revenue through self-publishing. He then shares how he went from working as an analyst to creating his own youtube channel where he gives his professional insight into financial trends. Lastly, he describes how he keeps his large investment portfolio organized and how you can too! 

If you're looking for a current read on today’s investment trends, keep on listening!  

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00:00 - Introduction to Joseph Hogue

01:30 - How Joseph has gone about self-publishing his own books

06:23 - Where to find and read Joseph’s books

07:24 - Joseph shares his career journey from an analyst to a YouTuber

11:40 - He shares what tools he uses for analyzing trends and his insight on recent trends

23:35 - Joseph gives his take and his approach to cryptocurrency

26:50 - He gives his opinion and insight into what we should learn about smart contracts on the blockchain

31:36 - He shares how many stocks that are in his portfolio

32:40 - Joseph tells us what tools he uses for investing in cryptocurrency

34:06 - He also shares about his low-cost index funds

35:04 - How Joseph keeps all of his transactions organized

36:11 - What Joseph has planned for 2022 and shares about his communities 

39:00 - How he handles his comment section on YouTube

40:10 - How to keep up with Joseph, his YouTube channel, and his other endeavours 

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