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Today on the Dough Roller Money Podcast we are talking with Tracey Bissett!

Tracey is an award-winning Financial Literacy Educator. She founded Bissett Financial Fitness, hosts the Young Money podcast, and on top of all this she is also a full-time professor in the financial services faculty within the Business School at Centennial College.

Last year Tracey was awarded as the Most Influential Financial Literacy Leader and The Best Financial Education & Consulting Firm for Bissett Financial Fitness. 

In this episode, Tracey jumps right into her goal as a financial fitness coach and how she is here to guide people through their money mistakes! She gives her advice on what business owners new and old should be looking out for when dealing with their company’s finances. She also explains how business owners can apply their financial literacy into their personal lives! 

If you are ready to eliminate your money mistakes keep on listening! 



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00:00 - Introduction to Tracey

03:09 - What are the personal biases Tracey think people should look out for when dealing with money

06:30 - Tracey explains what exactly is a financial fitness coach

08:41 - What are the money mistakes she sees that business owners often make

10:50 - What are Tracey’s tips for businesses to get out of these mistakes

13:53 - Does what Tracey teach translates from business owners to personal finance 

16:26 - Tracey’s advice for business owners who aren’t intentional with spending money

18:15 - How she approaches helping with people who have side hustles and her advice for those starting side hustles

23:50 - What are the currently issues that Tracey seeing during COVID

27:00 - How Tracey helps young adults

32:36 - Where you can follow Tracey and her endeavours 

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