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Is there a formula for creating a perfect portfolio? In this episode, Rob answer's some listener questions and tells us what's important for building a sound asset allocation plan.

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Today we answer your questions about everything from moving investment accounts to modified insurance policies.

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A listener named Steve is making some important investment decisions in his 401k. While we can't give him any specific advice, we use his choices to talk about common issues facing all retirement investors.

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With interest rates on the rise, we respond to a listener's question about bond investing. Specifically, should we avoid bonds now until we are comfortable that rates won't rise further.

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I received my initial financial education, particularly as it relates to investing, courtesy of the school of hard knocks. My wife and I spent the first decade of our careers investing with an advisor, one who was paid by commissions on the products we were sold. In the process, we made many massive and expensive […]

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I‘ve recently received a couple of emails from readers about Health Savings Accounts. One comes from Robert, who writes: I would like you to cover HSAs in the future podcast. We just started using one, and we are getting confused and occasionally tripped up by some of the rules. And a podcast listener named Patrick […]

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