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Building wealth isn’t rocket science. Sure it can be hard to spend less than you make. And investing can be a bit overwhelming at first. But the math behind wealth is really simple. It only has three ingredients. And that’s true whether you’re Warren Buffett or a school teacher. It doesn’t matter how much you […]

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Income investing in retirement has a lot of initial appeal. Rather than selling shares of a mutual fund or stock, one can instead live off of dividends from stocks and interest from bonds. This approach feels much safer than actually selling part of your investment. The reality of income or dividend investing, however, is not […]

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Here is one of the most frequently asked questions in all of personal finance: “How do I get out of debt?” At one level, eliminating debt is simply about following a few steps: Stop going into more debt Spend less than you make Pay off debt with the difference If you follow these steps, eventually […]

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Everywhere you look, experts are telling you to contribute to your retirement accounts. Whether it’s advice from newspapers, blogs, financial planners, or friends, any advice that is worth taking must include planning for retirement. Why? Because it’s that important! Over time, setting aside a small portion of your monthly income can mean the difference between living a comfortable retirement and […]

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